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The Age of Mortals

The War of Souls is over. The god of Good, Paladine, and the goddess of Evil, Takhisis, have abandoned their celestial thrones. Their conflict, once thought to be eternal, has finally ended. While the rest of their divine cohort still rule over their respective domains, the gods have for the first time left the world of Krynn’s fate solely to the hands of the beings who live there, their destiny shaped for the first time by true self determination. The Age of Mortals has truly begun.

Though the war between Good and Evil has lost its heavenly generals, conflict yet rages across the face of Ansalon. The new draconian nation of Teyr struggles to gain acceptance by the more humanoid nations. The Solamnic Knights, led by a brutal new leader, march to eradicate any trace of the occupation of their homeland by the dark Knights of Neraka. Once thought lost, the magical arts of High Sorcery and divine magic have returned and coexist for the first time with the newly discovered primal sorcery and mysticism. The wizards of the Conclave struggle to quickly gain back their prestige and mystique lost in the generation without their divine patrons. Across the sea in Taladas, the Minotaur Imperium gross restless. On the island of Schallsea, the Citadel of Light struggles to hold to the teachings of their late founder, the legendary healer Goldmoon, and bring the nations and peoples of Ansalon together before they tear themselves apart.

The world is at a tipping point. The air is heavy with the smell of oncoming war. Not since the War of the Lance has there seemed so little hope for Krynn.

It is a time of darkness. It is a time of strife. It is a time for heroes.

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